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Injection systems

Precision components for injection systems

Our precision components are used in different parts of injection systems.

Among other things, Poppe + Potthoff has developed extremely sturdy pressure relief valves for passenger cars and trucks, which fulfill the desired function in a range from 1 to 4,000 bar, according to customer demands.

The product range also includes turned parts for subassemblies:

  • High-pressure pump and injectors: check valves, connectors, axis, fittings, needle, plug, stopper, guide, pressure relief valve, adjustment screws, hollow screws, injector body
  • Variable Valve Cam: solenoid valves components, shafts, couplings, hollow screws
  • EGR and SCR systems: sensor body, butterfly pins, DLC needles, pistons and carriers
  • Turbo: shafts, compressor wheels, bearings, bushings, spacers and discs
  • Heater and air conditioning: rotors, shafts, screws, thermal blocks

We equip our multi-spindle machines with the most innovative special tools. The surfaces are ground and lapped. We provide the parts cleaned and packaged in a clean room to meet our customers' cleanliness specifications.


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